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Hybrid Recruiters 12/22/2016
Our new client partner Indo-Australia based recruiters, we provided logo design, website design & developments, online portal & stationary designs. www.hybridrecruiters.com
Alize Magazine 7/5/2016
Alize magazine completed and shoot to print house, our another successful project released.
Our next and goldern client from NY Alize La vie Media. 3/11/2016
AlizéLaVie Media- Appreciating Cultures, thank you Alize for the trust and co-operation, our teat busy with www.alizelaviemedia.com and graphic professional busy with her magazine creation. We plan to launch the website coming 16th on this month, keep watching our stunning design and development.
Alize La Vie Media 2/26/2016
Our New client Alize, we take care of her flyer designs, e-mag designs, websites, shopping cart, brand identity. Thank you Alize for your trust and co-operation www.alizelaviemedia.com
Faith India Released 2/26/2016
Faith India Launched, thank you Principal (P. Rajalakshmi) to given us such an opportunity and trust. www.faithindia.co.in
Wings IT tech 11/17/2015
Wings IT tech upcoming IT firm in Palakkad region, website designing, domain registration, hosting by Planet.
www.unniyambathvettikkal.com 11/17/2015
Our first family website and first doothaa port installation to a web-app. www.unniyambathvettikkal.com
One more domain regsitration for Mandhir Vikas Nidhi Limited 11/10/2015
www.mvnl.in- One more domain regsitration for Mandhir Vikas Nidhi Limited
Another andorid app - Daily Collection 10/27/2015
Thank you Mr.Pradeep Sir giving such an opportunity and trust, the complete offline & online android for sales executives (specially developed for daily collections). And another app specialized for bank transactions details. Thank you again Mr.Pradeep Sir.
1 Lac BULK SMS for Mandhir Vikas Nidhi LTD 10/20/2015
Planet provide a complete support of their transnational SMS to their clients, thank you for choosing Planet.
Mandhir Vikas Nidhi , The Mini Bankers- will launch tomorrow. 10/7/2015
The complete online solutions like website, web-apps, calendar, google mapping, social media integration, Bulk SMS. Provided by Planet, our another happy partner.
Bulk SMS for Mandhir Vikas Nidhi 9/30/2015
Mandhir Vikas Nidhi- Mini banekers need 1 million Promotional SMS, we provide 6 digit sender ID and quick and sharp SMS.
Mobile - Planetarium 9/29/2015
Mobile Planetarium, we introduced our local area, its spread quickly now we committed in Bavans Vidhya Mandhir Chithali.
VikasHP Mini Banking Services 9/28/2015
Our next case study on our table, team little busy on Faith India, analytics team on track they came back with few new ideas to implement on our new mini-bankers. www.vikashp.com
Payment Gateway Integration 9/28/2015
Just go through our another payment gateway integration for one of our US region website Techasta Inc. Smooth, secure, user-friendly, co-operate look. Another valuable experience in payment gateway integration.
JellyGems 0.1 Our New online offline billing app. 9/27/2015
Jelly Germs 0.1 the complete billing app in any platform (Online & Offline), our first purchase goes too Lala Sports, Thank you Mr.Umar C.E.O.
Our New Android Mobile app near to hit the app world. 9/27/2015
Doothaa, the complete user friendly android app and we hope our pet will be you great friend in your gadget devices. www.doothaa.com
Faith India 9/26/2015
Our team plan a huge NGO website, our next valuable client, 4 domain names block for them a) www.faithindia.news, b) www.faithindia.co, c) www.faithindia.co.in, d) www.faithindia.info